Miscellaneous Add-Ons 

Week of July 6th

This is a list of offerings that you may order regardless of whether or not you belong to the CSA.

Orders for these items must be placed with Tracy via email at tracy@tracydempseyoriginals.com. Please put in the subject line "CSA Add-on. Please note the ordering deadlines indicated by each item. I have to submit our order for some items and must adhere to the supplier's deadline.

 Please note that some items may not be available. We will let you know if they aren't. If you are interested in something not listed below, ask me and I'll see if I can find it. 

I will invoice you separately for these add-ons. 

​**Ordering Deadlines:

Bread, Microgreens, Cheese & Coffee- Monday, 11 a.m.

2 LB Country $7                                  Wonder Mustard (Original OR Dirty Blonde) $8
White Sandwich Sliced $6              Minerva's Organic Escabeche $10
Multigrain Sandwich Sliced $6     Winter Spice Olive Oil Chocolate Bar $10 
Sourdough Sandwich Sliced $6     Sacha's Mixed Pickles OR Sunomono Pickles, $8
6-pack Brioche Burger Buns $6   AZ Bitters Lab Bitters (Mas Mole OR Orange Sunshine) $20
6-pack Ciabatta Rolls $6                  Desert Provisions Hatch Green Chile OR Red Chile Powder $9        

                                                                   Desert Provisions Hatch Green Chile OR Red Chile Salt $12

                                                                   Joy Bus T-Shirts (different sizes available) $22

                                                                   Bonnie Wright Photography Cards featuring desert blooms, birds (including the bird from the back wall of our building). Proceeds benefit Human Services Campus- a local homeless campus. $6 each ( I can send photos of the cards, just ask!)

 CROW'S DAIRY  **ORDERS DUE BY MONDAY, JULY 5th 11 A.M.                                                

 Chevre: Plain, Herbed & Jalapen0 and Butter Pecan  $5 each 

Plain Feta, 1/2 lb $12

BLUE HOUSE COFFEE  Limited availability

​Bull Dog Blend French Roast, whole bean 12-ounce $15

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe natural, whole bean 12-ounce $16

Organic Papua New Guinea Timuza, whole bean 12-ounce $16


Arizona Microgreens Micro Salad 4 ounce-$8.5**  --2 available

Arizona Microgreens Wellness Mix 2.5 ounce-$6**--1 available

Arizona Microgreens Micro Arugula 2.5 ounce-$6**  --1 available  

TDO SWEET & SAVORY OFFERINGS are listed under the TDO Curbside link

ODV WINES OFFERINGS include Blind Tasting Boxes and assorted wine selections that may be tailored to your palate. Just email me.

If you are starting to meet friends for a small get together -socially distancing, of course, and want to have your own wine tasting- let us build you a tasting kit based on your preferences and budget. 

TDO -Sun Produce C0-op CSA Info & Add-ons

We have partnered with Sun Produce Co-op to provide fresh produce to our community in the form of a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Each month we host a 3-week long session during which time our members receive a weekly bag of fresh, locally grown produce. We offer a "Bridge Bag" for anyone wishing to have an extra week of produce before the next month's session begins. Recipes incorporating the weekly veggies will be sent via our CSA newsletter. I email a newsletter with the run-down of the contents of the bag as well as ways to use them. 

The regular 4-week session has two offerings- the Grand Sac ($25) and the Petit Sac ($15). To learn more and to start eating with the seasons, please click on the button below to visit the Sun Produce Co-op website. Locate the Tracy Dempsey Originals icon which will take you to the various options that we are offering.

​This week's pick-up days and times for the CSA are Thursday, 12-2 (note the 12 p.m. pick-up time- this allows us time receive the produce and build the bags. Please do not come early) and Friday 10-2 p.m. If you need to pick-up on Saturday, please let us know.