Holiday Pies and Desserts 2018

Orders for Thanksgiving should be made no later than

Saturday, November 17th

pick-up for Thanksgiving on Wednesday, November 21st- 10 a.m. - 2 p.m

orders for Christmas should be made no later than

Thursday, December 20th.
Pick-up for Christmas on Monday, December 24th- 10 am-2 p.m.

10” pies (serves 12)  $28 each         
Classic Pumpkin
Bourbon Pecan (with or without Chocolate Chips)
Apple Streusel
Chocolate or Banana Cream Pie
Key Lime

10” cheesecakes (serves 12-14)   $36 each
Pumpkin Gingersnap
Caramel Apple
Peppermint Chocolate
Sweet & Savory Blue Cheese with a half quart of homemade Cranberry Chutney

10” Galettes (serves 12)   $26 each

Cranberry Apple/apricot Pistachio Frangipane/blueberry brie                                     

Ice Creams    $15/half gallon                             

Vanilla Bean                                                                             


Dark Chocolate

white coffee


Fleur de Sel Caramel Sauce    $7/half quart
Cranberry Chutney                $8/half quart

Homemade Chocolate Sauce  $6/half quart
Whipped Cream (Plain or Spiced) $5/half quart