Come in and check out the in-store offerings!

The cooler is filled with different offerings each week based on Tracy & Brad's whims. There's the Cake of the Week, side salads and more available in the cooler. You'll find some familiar items and new things as well. We have an evolving selection of domestic cheeses that you will not find anywhere else in Arizona. Build your own cheese board with our crackers, cheeses, 1 Acre Farm jams and Wonder Mustard!


(must be 21 years of age or older to purchase)

Visit the shop to peruse ODV's wine offerings. We focus on smaller production, small lot, hands-on wines with a story. There are many low-intervention (AKA "natural wines") among our offerings. In addition, we carry a good number of Arizona wines. Let us help you find a match. There are ample value priced wines that are of exceptional quality on our shelves. 




More Than A Meal: The Joy Bus Community of Chefs - the cookbook is available $25 (proceeds benefit The Joy Bus)

Joy Bus T-Shirts (different sizes available) $25​--Proceeds support the Joy Bus

Brad's Planter BoxesThese are 2' tall and 35" long and 17.5" wide  and 10"deep to handle about 1.5 cu ft of soil. Brad will line the interior with landscaping fabric if desired at no additional cost. Will weather nicely. No stains or chemicals are used on the wood. $80 each (ours will be out side the store soon!) $80

Cactus + Vine Fairy Lights ($15) and Succulent Planters ($20)  made from local AZ wine bottles.

Great gifts for someone else or yourself!

Locally Made Chocolate Bars Aplenty

Carolina's Chocolate: Salty Senorita, Spicy Sonoran, Las Abuelas & Holy Mole  $7 each

 StoneGrindz Chocolate Bars: Crystallized Ginger; Almond Butter & Black Lava Salt; Bourbon Pecan & Dark Cherry;  Ambanja Madagascar 70% cacao; Wild Bolivia 70% cacao $9 each

Seasonings & Condiments

Desert Provisions Sonoran Sea Salt $10     

Desert Provisions Hatch Green & Red Chile Powders $10; Red & Green Chile Salts $12 each;

 2-pack Crushed Red & Green Chile Flakes $29

Wonder Mustard (Original, Rough Stuff OR Dirty Blonde) $8

Check out our selection of homemade spice mixes and seasoned salts, too!

AZ Honey

Carranza Honey Farms: Tamarisk, Mesquite, Desert Bloom & Alfalfa, pint jars $18​​

Royal Palm Neighborhood Rusk Family Honey $16

     Earnest + Humble Coffee

Ethiopian/Rwandan/Tanzania Peaberry/Kenyan, 12 ounce bags, whole beans $22 each

DerekSips Coffee
(local business, small batch, fresh roasted coffee beans-whole bean 12-ounce bags) Prices vary


Wine Tools We Use

VacuVin Wine Saver + 2 Stoppers $15--use to preserve your vermouths as well

Champagne Cap $5

VacuVin Active Wine Chiller $12

Double-hinged Waiter's Corkscrew $6

33 Wines Notetaking Book $5