At Tracy Dempsey Originals, we believe that dessert should be a subtle finish to a good meal. We strive to produce desserts, baked goods and confections that blur the line between sweet and savory.  

We use premium quality ingredients and source local ingredients from local artisan producers and farmers whenever possible.Our goat cheese comes from Fossil Creek Creamery and our seasonal herbs from Maya's Farm. In addition, we like to use  quality fair trade products  like Singing Dog Vanilla from companies that conduct their business with the greater good of the  community at heart.

A sampling of our products...

The Original Bacon Pecan Brittle
Created originally as a garnish for a dessert at Cowboy Ciao in 2004, The Original Bacon Pecan Brittle has enjoyed a popularity and demand beyond its days as support to the dessert it garnished. It's seriously addicting!

Red Hot Chile Pepita Cranberry Brittle
This is spicy, but don't be afraid to give it a try! The sweetness of the cranberries off-sets the little bite of heat from the chile flakes.

Because a homemade marshmallow simply can't be beat... . A friend who claims to eat one marshmallow a year is now a marshmallow fiend- she swears there is nothing quite like a home made mallow. Our evolving menu of flavors includes but is not limited to vanilla bean, toasted coconut, hot chocolate, strawberry, rosebud, lavender, orange, lemon and espresso. Great for toasting, floating on hot cocoa or eating right out of the bag.

The Breakfast Cookie
Whole oats, dried apples and cranberries, maple syrup, cinnamon and applewood smoked bacon (of course!) combine in a moist, chewy cookie that really is great for breakfast. We also make them without the bacon. 

Assorted Shortbreads
We make buttery, melt-in-your-mouth shortbreads with real lavender buds, vanilla bean, black pepper, Earl Grey tea, citrus zests, brown butter, cocoa nibs... and we're still experimenting. Our fans enjoy them with a cup of their favorite tea, coffee or a flute of champagne.

And did we mention that we make cakes for all occasions?
Have an occasion to celebrate? Inquire into our custom cakes and cupcakes. Let us help you with your wedding cake this spring!

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